Guest lectures held at Open Myanmar Initiative

OMI organizes the public debates on the important current topics at our OMI center and plan to organize them also in different Myanmar regions and ethnic states. We have already started inviting guests for discussion seminars, which can include also screening of documentaries – those events are open to general public and Medias and information will be regularly available at the OMI Website. Our public debates program grows very strong and contributes considerably to spreading the information about OMI´s activities to the larger public.


10.9.2014           Vicky Bowman, Director of Myanmar Centre for Responsible Business

                           Business and Human Rights, CSR and Transparency: International Standards and

                           Myanmar Practices

7.10.2014           Prof. Zoltan Barany, American Scholar

                           How Armies Respond to Revolutions: Anticipating: Revolutionary Outcomes

11.11.2014         Min Zin, Burmese-American Scholar

                           Sleepwalker or Entrepreneur: Myanmar Political Leadership in Times of Crisis

21.11.2014         Barbora Sackova, ArtGlass company

                           Olga Kopalova, Senyr Bijoux

                           Jaroslav Kotara, Crystal Glamour

                           Starting a Private Business Company in the Transforming Country: Example of Transformation the

                           Czech Republic

8.12.2014            Igor Blazevic, Educational Initiatives

                           Analysis of Current Situation in Myanmar and its Future Prospects

8.12.2014          Igor Blazevic, Educational Initiatives

                          Federalism and Democratization

16.12.2014        Stacey May, US State Department

                          Andrea Hyniova, OMI

                          EU and US Sanctions on Myanmar

                          US Policy towards Myanmar and Next Steps

Guest lecture of Burmese-American Scholar Min Zin